Old Vegas Slots variety and tips on how to play them

Lucky Time Slots online casino game creators nowadays offer Old Vegas Slots, and it is an original classic casino slots game, that is played all over the world. This game gives a possibility to feel real excitement and get huge pleasure from the game. In this slot every detail is carefully created, so that both image and plot give a totally positive impression.

Main features and advantages of Old Vegas Slots free

This is a slot machine with various face value credits. There are both a version for regular casinos and an online version of this slot. Old Vegas Slots has slot symbols and background music that recreate a realistic Vegas atmosphere. This is the first game with a double bonus drum, and it also presents 16 unique bonus games with which players can win considerable amounts. This slot machine is not only very interesting, but also can give everyone a big win, such as the jackpot of 400,000 credits! On average, the percentage of winnings is 88-90%.

The main features of download Old Vegas Slots, that should be known by all the players include not only apk progressive jackpots with money, but also some basic characteristics, such as:

  1. Bonus system. Old Vegas Slots free consists of 5 reels and 40 lines, with a maximum bet of 400 credits and a minimum bet of just 1 cent. The face value of the coin also varies from a cent to 1,000 dollars;
  2. Convenient interface.The interface of the slot seems to be very convenient, the biggest bonus in it is the double bonus drum, which rotates when clicking on it with finger;
  3. Modern design. On the sectors of the reels, casino chips of various colors (red, blue, yellow, green) are depicted, as well as traditional sevens and cherries, playing cards, roulette and dice. Finally, the most important symbols are bonuses – a wild symbol and a bonus drum symbol.
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As it can be seen from Old Vegas Slots fan page, the slot is distributed in various traditional casinos around the world. The slot interface is based on U-spin technology, with which the bonus drum can be rotated in one touch of the screen. A wide range of bets is also presented here, which makes the machine suitable for both beginner casino players and experienced ones. The animation of the slot is quite simple, without any frills.

How to play slots casino games on the phone?

Old Vegas Slots free nowadays is accessible on mobile devices, and now this slot can be played for real money and for free on iPhone, iPad and iPod. Playing it on iPhone or iPod is just as fun as playing a casino.

The mobile version of the slot is not much different from the usual one – the same bonuses, the same interface. At the same time, the gameplay in the mobile version is simpler, since bets are placed automatically (it’s possible to make bet with 40, 80, 120, 200 or 400 credits). The minimum bet size and the number of lines in the mobile version is the same as in the regular version.