Casino tables games: list of the game types with descriptions and rules

Casino table games you can play online or at a real casino

casino table games

The casino is a gambler’s platform with several hundred gambling and entertainment. There are casinos that are dedicated to only one type of games, for example, slots. On such sites you will find 400-500 new and old slots for every taste. PokerStars, for example, offers players only poker, but does it at the highest level. Tournaments, freerolls, 1000+ tables, all kinds of poker and so on. The main characteristics of the casino are:

  • Large selection of games.
  • Wide audience.
  • Maintaining the interest of players.

The second and third item from this list directly depends on the first. The more games there will be in the casino, and the more interesting they will be, the more players will visit the casino and remain there to play. There are many types of popular casino games, but today we will explore the casino table games. In the article you will learn what types of games are, which games are popular now and why.

Types of casino table games

Table games in casino are those casino games in which players play against the dealer on the “table”. The table in casino table games can be either a real gaming table for poker games or a roulette table. Slots, for example, are not table games, along with Texas Hold’em or Omaha. The main categories of table games:

  1. Cards. This is the largest category of casino table games, including more than 10 games. The most famous card games are Baccarat, Blackjack, Stud poker, 4 Cards Poker, Pai Gow poker, 3 Cards Poker, Let it Ride, Red Dog, Faro, Casino Wars and several other variations of poker.
  2. Dice. Table games with cubes include Craps, Sic Bo, Chuck-a-luck, Pai Gow and Kauda. The most popular games here are Craps and Sic Bo.
  3. Lucky numbers. There are only 2 games in this category – Big Six Wheel and Roulette.
  4. Others. Games with a unique system that are difficult to attribute to one of the categories above are Fan-Tan and Two-Up.
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Of course, not all casinos have such a wide range of games. Some sites are limited to the types of games that are most popular among players today.

top table games

TOP table games in casino

Some of the above casino games are more popular, others are not popular at all. You can try to find them in large or free casinos with 1000+ different games. But now let’s talk about those games that are found in every casino. Blackjack deserves the first place. The simple and fast game is very popular with the players and gives a chance to quickly earn a large amount.

An honorable second place is given to Roulette. European, American, roulette with two wheels – there are many variations of roulette and each of them is very popular. One successful bet on zero doubles your entire balance.

The third place goes to Baccarat. This is a completely chance game that is independent of the player. Simple gameplay, excitement, accessibility. So much for the recipe for success.

The top 4 in the list of the most popular casino games table is Craps. Many betting options, the ability to play with a live dealer and see numbers on the dice, unique gameplay.

And fifth place is Sic Bo. An ancient Chinese game with three dice, complex rules and unusual gameplay. The game is similar to poker, but with dice instead of cards.

Casino tables games: list of the game types with descriptions and rules

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