How to choose a slot machine to win in the casino Netent

How to choose a gaming machine for winningWe present you the strategy for choosing a winning slot at Netent casino depending on its behavior. You will learn how to determine which video slot will give more winnings, and you will not simply rely on chance. Please note that if we take into account the prize payout funds, this strategy will not work, since the funds will be formed exclusively from FUN money.
The behavior of the gaming machine in demo mode:

The essence of the strategy is to choose a profitable slot machine based on its behavior in the free mode. Given that all the video slots from Netent are on the company’s server (and the casino performs only the functions of depositing and withdrawing money), all the demo versions of games are also the same for all operators. There are the following states of gaming machines:

Slot machine in the black, according to the balance of the bets made and payments made for the selected period of time. This is the “give out money” mode. Video slot in the red regarding the bets made and the winnings paid. It should abandon the game on this slot. The slot machine is in a neutral state, with no significant balance deviation, either in plus or in minus. This is a neutral state of the slot and it will “keep the balance”, gradually reducing it.

Perfect slot

In an ideal situation, the player always chooses a slot machine with a “give out” mode. You can find such a device by enumerating the states of various games in the free testing mode for candy wrappers.
How to determine that the machine is in the black and ready to pay:

Choosing a free gameWe go to the section “Free Casino Games”, select the game of interest to us in the column on the right. When choosing it is necessary to take into account the percentage of the return of the total rate (RTP), it is indicated in brackets. The higher the percentage, the more profitable the slot. On the overview page you will also find the hidden parameters of the machine (cycle length, variance of winnings, probability of bonus activation) and tester recall. We start the game in demo mode at the rate (and the number of lines), on which you plan to play for real money. We recommend reading the articles: dispersion in NetEnt video slots and the length of cycles in Net Entertainment games. Varying the size of the stakes, we try to understand the state of the selected game. If there are a lot of winnings and they often fall out, the video slot is most likely in a positive mode and is ready to pay. If we lose, we change the value of the bet until we reach the optimal one. If this does not help, choose another machine. I recommend reading the article “change in the cost and number of coins per line.” It is important to understand that single winnings at large bets can be simple exceptions. These situations should be perceived as “you are very lucky”, or you have lost quite a lot to get a big win (50-70% of the money lost by FUN). Identifying a successful slot machine in a casino is one of the most important player skills. If there is a “giving” slot, we start the game for real money in it. It is important to use the same number of lines and the same total bet as when testing in free mode. We recommend choosing the minimum rates for playing in free mode and for real credits. So you will save a lot of money and at the same time learn this strategy. In the future, you can gradually increase the rate. We recommend choosing 5-10 favorite slot machines with a good payout percentage and testing them. If all these games do not show the desired result in the free mode, it is better to transfer the real gaming session to another time or choose another manufacturer (Microgaming or NYX). One of the main factors affecting the maximum winnings is the amount of money in the account and its relation to the current rate. Of course, you can win with a small amount of money in the account, but we recommend to have at least 200 bets on your balance (depending on the slot cycle length). While institutions do not charge players for depositing and withdrawing funds from the players, this costs nothing to the player. Learn more about this from the article about the classification of players with the software Netent. We recommend combining the Netent slot and slot machine testing strategy in free mode with the benefits of Netent bonus programs. Over time, you will learn to identify positive games on indirect grounds. Only experience and time are needed.