Smile of Fortune Slot machine

Have you ever visited a witch? Even if such happiness has not yet fallen to your lot, you probably understand that such a visit is full of risks and surprises. Confirmation of this is the Smile of Fortune slot machine from SGS Universal. By the way, the smile of fortune will be discussed here only indirectly – the heroine of the machine look at you as … not very welcome guests.

Simple interface of the online slot; Smile of Fortune

You will spend the whole game surrounded by spiders, cats and bats at the cabinet with cones with multi-colored potions, on which the bet values ​​are applied. Without taking your eyes off the magic ball, you will wait for its decision – to double the amount that you risk, or multiply it by zero.

With a positive result, the ball turns green, with a negative one it remains purple.
To the right of the ball you will see the bet history, the number of credits on the account – the balance, as well as the size of the current winnings.
Left – the size of the selected bet will be displayed. At the bottom of the wooden panel are additional buttons. In general, the entire Smile of Fortune game is designed in the same style and will quickly plunge you into a mystical atmosphere.

Gameplay in the device Smile of Fortune

The size of bets in this video slot varies from 0.1 to 6.4. Each subsequent bid is twice as much as the previous one. Clicking on one of the numbers, click “Play” to launch the magic ball. After he issues his decision, your bet will either double or zero.

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For the process to proceed without your participation, click on “Autoplay”. There is also a “Double” button, which will automatically double the amount set at stake.

To make the game in the Smile of Fortune emulator faster, turn off the animation in the lower left corner. Click on the “Rules”, if something is not clear to you, “expand” to switch to full-screen mode, and payments – to familiarize yourself with the description of the slot. That’s all, there’s no place to poke anywhere else.

Advantages of the Smile of Fortune video slot

The gaming machine Smile of Fortune is available in demo format. True, it is not yet in many institutions that you can play it for free or for money. Its simplicity is suitable for those who are tired of the pompous modern slots. In addition, the slot device itself is “sharpened” under the scheme of doubling when losing and returning to the original bet when winning. Run the training regime and try out this strategy – we hope that Fortune will smile at you all the same!

Strategy game online slot machine Fortune Smile

Let’s take a closer look at the game’s layout, which fits perfectly into the format of such a slot. It is based on the Martingale method – its essence is that we start with a minimum rate. In this case, from 0.10. If “0” appears in the magic ball, we double the bet (the button “Double or just the next potion with a potion).

If you are lucky and you see the inscription “x2”, then you need to return to the first bet and start all over again. Thus, the profit from each call will be equal to the minimum amount that was put on the line. Here you also need to understand the risks – the range of bets in Smile of Fortune is not that big, so the method may not work if you reach 6.4 and the bet does not play. But the experience of making money on the machine shows that this happens quite rarely, so it’s worth the risk to play a slot on this strategy.

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