How to reveal the best slot machines to play online and offline

The best slot machines to play online in 2019

It is quite difficult to find rally the best slot machines to play and win easily: there are too many online casino games to compare them to make this choice. However, the slot can be tested with different game variations. It is better to start with free Demo games variants or pick the best penny slot machines to play online. This decision will help a newbie to avoid losses, but it does not guarantee the win in the future.

This method will never work with a land casino as the disadvantage there is that a player has to use his own money to start the experiment. In a real casino, there are other options that are far more effective. No matter if in a gambling center or in a big casino, slot machines are played everywhere. Of course one can take advantage of that as a player if he pays attention to certain small factors.

The features of the best slot machines to play in casinos

Experienced gamblers state that those games that are played frequently can give a player a greater chance of winning than other machines. However, one should make sure that the player, who is perhaps playing at the slot, gets no profits.

If there is a possibility, it should also be paid attention to how much money this player uses. The longer the observation time of an automaton, the better the chances of winning can be estimated. This strategy works for best slot machines to play offline, in Las Vegas, for instance.

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Online best slots are revealed using other features:

  • The RTP (over 96%);
  • Volatility;
  • Jackpot presence;
  • Provider of the game software.

It is known that NetEnt games are called the best slot machines to play online. They have over 97% RTP and many additional bonus games that increase the chance of a gambler to win. Unlike, for example, Roulette, the slot machine has more promotions.

With progressive jackpot slots, another rule works. If a winner did not appear for a long time, the chance to get the Biggest Prize is increasing every minute. Of course, there is never a guarantee for a win at a machine. That should be clear to every player.

The best new 2019 slots

When it comes to the best slot machines to play online, especially to penny slots, most gamblers say that Buffalo is number one. It has become almost something like a “classic penny machine” for fans of gambling. Meanwhile, the number is unusual and more interesting slots have been increasing day by day, and in 2019, the following new slots are often mentioned among the best ones:

  • 1 Left Alive by Yggdrasil. This game with 32,768 lines is about Zombies and it is new, but even today, many players say they are sure that it will get into the list of the top best slot machines to play online and on mobile devices.
  • Arabian Fire. It is also a new Arabic theme game with a big jackpot and a high 96% RTP.
  • The Great Wall by iSoft bet. It is popular in the Asian market already, although it is new stuff devoted to China.
  • Arizona Diamonds by Skatelogic might become the future choice of the gamblers that like the Diamond theme slots.
  • Aztec Wilds by Dog Studio. It has over a thousand of lines that will bring a player to jungles and help him find treasures there.
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With a sense of the right moment, a player can increase his chances of winning. However, he has to be aware that there is never an absolute guarantee of profit. Only a chance can be increased here.

Some old-school players use pen and paper to write down the game results on various slots. They compare them further to come to a conclusion which of the slots can give a better payout.

How to reveal the best slot machines to play online and offline

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