How to win at Joker Pro

Players who prefer slots with a classic character set will never go unnoticed by developers. Indeed, today every third novelty is full of cherries, sevens and bells, recalling the insanely popular one-armed bandits in the past. But, despite the appearance, it is not so simple. For a big win today, it’s not enough to pull the handle of the machine, you also need to figure out how to win at the Joker Pro slot machine.

The team of our professionals, as usual, is in a hurry to help. And I have already prepared a list of recommendations, revealed many secrets of this slot, following which you can count on a positive expectation of winning. Moreover, the return of rates reaches 96.8%.

Statistics of winnings and bonuses in the Joker Pro slot

  • Volatility is 7.31 out of 20 (average).
  • Dispersion of wins is average.
  • The cycle length is medium.
  • The rating of a slot machine for a wager is 5.05 out of 10.
  • Bonus frequency – statistically every 28 spins.
  • The probability of activation of bonus free games is 3.59%.
  • The probability of a hit (any win) is 14.09%.
  • Distribution of winnings – 37% in the main game and 63% in the bonus
  • The maximum gain during the tests is 1,000 bets.
  • The average bonus win is 16x.
  • RTP of 96.8% allows you to get a positive mathematical expectation of winning in a casino.

Strategy and game features

Despite the abundance of various options and bonus games here, and to understand how to win at the Joker Pro slot is not difficult, you definitely need to play with a clear strategy based on verified information, with which our testers kindly share with you on this page.

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Use their advice in practice and at least you will save your money from a meaningless loss, and as a maximum you can not only have a good rest, but also end the game session with a positive balance

  • the first thing you want to focus your attention on is be careful with the slot machine. In the main game, you should not count on large payments, since the main fund is accumulated to give you the main prize of 100,000 coins;
  • Having tested the slot for a long time in demo mode, we came to the dual conclusion. Either the game is clearly stingy and does not want to give coins, it simply arranges the show with unprecedented generosity and launches several bonuses with spins in a row;
  • it is very important to catch this mood of the slot machine and by that time try to increase the size of the bet in order to collect all the cream, and then return to the starting position until the next surge;
  • our various manipulations with the number of coins and the change in their face value did not bring any special results. In this slot, a bet change does not affect the length of game cycles;
  • in a regular game, watch for the appearance of a wild symbol. Even one such sign allows you to run the option of respins. At this point, the extreme reels will be completely covered by Wild, which in the end can bring big wins;
  • the appearance of the new Wild sign extended us repeated spins. It is such a symbol that will become your key to success in this slot;
  • True, this does not mean that without them you will not have worthy victories. During testing, we received winnings in the amount of x10-x20 total bets. The only question is that they do not happen so often and are far from each other in time;
  • You can get a big win due to the Hot Spot Win (x1000) function, which is launched during respins;
  • You can find out what state the slot is in now by its behavior during the same repeated rotations. If a wild symbol falls often, but does not bring serious wins for a long time, then it is better to pause or try the bet;
  • Try to collect wild symbols as much as possible, and if you line them in a row on the middle horizontal, you will receive a 1000-fold gain from your bet. True, we never achieved this goal;
  • free repeat spins will not always be generous, but they appear very often and almost always bring a winning combination. This usually takes 20-30 rounds, and sometimes re-respin starts even earlier;
  • playing at a bet of € 10, during the round of free spins we managed to put two wild symbols at once on the top row and win for 2 spins of € 415. It took us about 125 rounds in total, and the final result was + € 300;
  • we have no special recommendations on the value of the bet. Based on the size of the budget allocated for the game. The game can both please you with winnings and quickly eat all your money, be vigilant.
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How to use bonus features

In the Joker Pro slot there is only one bonus feature presented in the form of repeated free spins with the possibility of their extension and a sticky wild symbol. There are no secrets here, and your participation is not required.

How to win at Joker Pro

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