Texas Hold’em hands: the best winning hands in the poker game

Online Texas Hold’em is probably the most popular game in web casinos and poker rooms. It’s often used in local and international tournaments. The winner of the game is determined by the best 5-card combination, in case there are at least 2 players left on showdown stage. Follow this guide to learn about Texas Hold’em hands and poker cards that are required to get them.

Texas Hold’em hands

Texas Hold’em hands: the list of poker combinations

The rating of hands is the same for most poker games. Here’s the list of combinations from the lowest one to the highest:

  1. High card. If no gamblers have any better hand, the winner is determined by the highest card.
  2. A Pair. Get 2 cards of the same denomination, like K and K, and that will be a Pair.
  3. Two Pair. If you have K, K and 9, 9, this is a Two Pair combination.
  4. Three of a Kind. You need 3 cards of the same denomination for this hand.
  5. Straight. Five cards of any suit that can be placed in the sequential order are called Straight.
  6. Flush. The combination is formed of any 5 cards that have the same suit.
  7. Full House. This hand combines Three of a Kind and a Pair. For example, A, A, A and 7, 7 is a Full House.
  8. Four of a Kind. The hand consists of 4 cards of the same denomination, like Q, Q, Q, Q.
  9. Straight Flush. This is the second best combination in the game. You should have 5 sequential cards of the same suit to get it.
  10. Royal Flush. The highest combination among Texas Hold’em hands is Royal Flush. It’s 10, J, Q, K and Ace of the same suit.
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Note that only the best hand is counted. There are 2 hole and 5 community cards in the game. You can use any ore none of them to receive the best hand possible.

Where to play Texas Hold’em online?

It’s not easy to find a good casino or poker room. Follow this tips to make a right choice:

  • join only legal websites with active license;
  • make sure you’ll be able to play all the games you like;
  • search for the poker rooms with free chips bonuses;
  • check how much money you can withdraw monthly.

It’ll also be wise to look through the user’s feedback and Terms & Conditions section to find out how does the website treats its users. The privacy policy is important too. It shows how your personal information (email, phone number) will be used.

Texas Hold’em hands: the best winning hands in the poker game

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